Train The Next Generation Of Dancers In Our Fun, Friendly, And Challenging Dance Programs

Dance instruction is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. Tens of thousands of dancers of all ages are already taking lessons and the numbers grow larger each day. Working for the number one ballroom dance organization, Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Canada provides you with all the tools necessary to become successful while you are earning a living, traveling and having fun at the same time.

Our TEAMASTAIRE members make a real difference to our Company’s performance.

New employees are placed in one of our in-studio training classes. During this training period, you will be taught the Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Canada Instructor Course Programs through personal training by Master teachers, video/DVD training sessions and the use of dance instructional manuals. Apprentices are first taught the basic steps of each of the dances offered at the studio and then progress to more advanced steps, styling and techniques, to grow their career at the best place.

All instructors receive training on a daily basis during the studios training class, usually held during the hour(s) prior to the studios opening. To enhance the learning process, renowned international Professional Coaches visit the studio to provide teacher training. This is also the case with the Canadian National Dance Directors, who make more regular studio training visits. At the appropriate time, instructors will be tested for their instructor’s certificates, if they pass, they can now begin to teach students. 

This process continues on throughout one’s career.

As you learn and grow throughout your career with us, you will be well compensated and highly recognized for your contribution.


Ongoing, High-Quality, Training Programs
Constantly work towards improving your own dance skills with various training programs led by master teachers, professional coaches, and even Canadian National Dance Directors


Gain Access To The Professional Divisions at Dance Competitions
Have the opportunity to win cash prizes or even work your way up to the Canadian National Council of Dance.


Travel To Dance Events and Studio Fun Trips
Our destinations are both on land and sea, cruising to exotic spots such as Hawaii, Alaska, Caribbean, and the Mediterranean. Only the best hotels, cruises and excursions are selected.

Interested In A Career At Fred Astaire?

We are seeking the best people with outgoing personalities, good dispositions and who enjoy working with people to grow their career at the best place to work. Positions are available in all areas, Specialist, Advanced Teachers, Administrative Assistants, Appointment Setters, Supervisors and Manager Apprentices.

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