Proudly Show Off Your Newly Mastered Dance Skills At Your Next Event


Fred Astaire Dance Studios’ Wedding Program is designed exclusively for your wedding and your wedding party.

The focus is on your specific Wedding Dance and the dances on both your wedding day and honeymoon. Your wedding party guests can also be taught the basics of many dances so they too can shine at your wedding. These dance lessons will help all of you shine for the rest of your lives.


All aboard! Let Fred Astaire Dance Studios’ Cruise Program get you ready for your favourite cruise vacation or island holiday. Here the focus is placed upon your vacation destination, and the specific dances you will dance on your holiday!

Whether it is the romantic Argentine Tango, or the exotic Brazilian Samba, or various island favourites, we assure you that the FUN starts with the first step!

Special Events

No matter the event theme – if there’s dancing involved, Fred Astaire Dance Studio can help you get ready to impress your friends and family with some new moves. We’ll tailor our lessons to suit the style of dance you need to learn to prepare for the big event, whether it’s a Mexican fiesta, or a traditional black tie affair.

After your special event program, you’ll leave fully ready to blow your guests away.

Our Upcoming Events

AABC- Astaire Awards Ball & Dancesport Championships

Westin Prince Hotel, Toronto, April 28 - April 30, 2017.

CNDC-Fred Astaire Canadian National Dancesport Championships

Marriott Gateway On The Falls Hotel, Niagara Falls, November 23 - 26, 2017

Be The Star Of Any Dance

Whether it’s a special event or just a weekend night out, gain the skills and confidence to make a lasting impression to those around you. We have enough classes and styles to satisfy the needs of any new or experienced dancer. May we have this dance?

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Why Our Clients Love Us

  • Dancing together is much better then dancing alone... Trust me I know these things by experience and I would not be as successful in my personal and social life, if not for the Fred Astaire experience.

    Mr. Tony Di Battista
    Oakville Ontario
  • What I learn in dance class I take with me wherever I go. I walk a little taller, a little prouder because of the confidence that dancing has given me.

    Mrs. Nicole Shamess
    Ottawa Ontario
  • With each lesson I gain more self-confidence. I am having the time of my life while learning a new craft. The words “Thank you” seem inadequate, but I speak them with affection and respect.

    Mrs. B. Moffatt
    Kitchener Ontario
  • Your worries just fly away. I am on top of the world, thanks to the Fred Astaire Dance Studio.

    Mrs. Grace Rivard
    Ottawa Ontario
  • From the very beginning I have felt at home. I have felt at home because the staff have been personable, friendly and welcoming. These are rare qualities in the modern world. I wish to commend the Studio for being so farsighted as to realize that it is precisely these qualities which make the experience of learning to dance so satisfying to the student.

    Mr. Robert B. Stewart
    London Ontario
  • My deepest appreciation goes to all the staff at Fred Astaire's for helping me reach my goals. I can't thank you enough for the happiness and confidence that you have brought into my life.

    Mrs. Wendy Jennings
    London Ontario
  • The individual attention is terrific. The professionalism and ability of the instructors is only out done by their enthusiasm.

    Rich & Camile Percival
    Ottawa Ontario
  • Obviously without the quality of instruction I get at Fred Astaire's and the positive encouragement from the instructors, I wouldn't dance or feel the way I do.

    Mr. G. MacDonald
    London Ontario
  • I tried many different activities in the past but found none that I consider to be as effective and enjoyable as dancing. The staff and studio make it a virtual playland for those who wish to escape the stress of everyday life.

    Mr. Yvon Cousineau
    Ottawa Ontario
  • I find I am continually being approached by people who comment on my great appearance and how slim and fit I'm looking.

    Ms. G. Thompson
    London Ontario
  • The newly found confidence, assertiveness and classic gentlemanly etiquette have already begun to impact my life in a random and mysterious manner, all of which has been a positive experience. The numerous opportunities to network, grow and expand upon yourself are all things that are included with the Fred Astaire experience. Each lesson offers not only a lesson of dance, but lessons of life.

    Mr. Robert F. Avison
    London Ontario
  • There is no question that for us, our dance lessons have become the highlight of our week, and we look forward eagerly to each one.

    Mr. & Mrs. Joyce
    Kitchener Ontario
  • I had chronic back and neck problems because I stored my stress in my upper back and neck. I was resigned to going to the chiropractor once a month. After starting dance lessons with Fred Astaire, I didn’t have to go back to the chiropractor for seven years, because dancing reduced my stress. Every time that I danced the Tango, I got a spine adjustment.

    Dr. C. L. Westfall
    Oakville Ontario
  • I was still nervous but not for long. A friendly instructor/teacher came, introduced himself, put me at ease and relieved my anxious fear of learning ballroom dancing. I must say that the staff at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio has to be the most friendly, charming, well trained and dedicated gangs of any staff I have ever met outside of my teaching career.

    Mrs. Lucille T. Blair
    London Ontario