One Visit And You’ll Begin A New Life Adventure To Cherish Forever.

From beginners to advanced students, there is plenty to learn, new friends to meet, and loads of fun activities to attend. All this will become apparent to you very quickly in the studio – you will understand why it’s called the happiest, friendliest place in town!

We believe that to start your learning, whether by yourself or with a partner, the best foot forward is to begin with Private Instruction vs Class Instruction. So take advantage of our low introductory dance special and Register Now!

  1. Introductory Dance specials

    This initial introduction exposes you to the studio to see if you enjoy our instruction methods and for the instructors to gauge your dancing abilities. Register Now!

  2. Beginners Course & Social Foundation

    From here, you are taught the basic steps of a variety of dances. You then progresses to the Social Dance Foundation stage, where more dances and steps are added.

  3. Bronze, Silver and Gold Programs

    Once you are well into your Social Dance program you begin to be exposed to Advance Social Dance, the Fred Astaire Bronze, Silver and Gold DanceSport trophy programs.

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Less Stress, More Dancing!

Many times the hardest part of learning to dance is picking up the telephone, making an appointment and showing up for your first lesson. At Fred Astaire Dance Studios we understand that many individuals have a hard time making this decision and following through. To overcome these possible emotions, we are well prepared at our end to make your experience one that will quickly take away the jitters and replace these feelings with one of fun and confidence.

Simply locate the studio nearest to you, pick up the phone and schedule an appointment, don’t forget to ask about our current Special! All lessons are scheduled at your convenience Monday to Friday 12:00 PM to 10:30 PM and weekends by appointment. Most importantly, make sure to follow through and show up, and have fun – the rest is up to us.

Definitely not. We teach both males and females, singles and couples. If you come alone you will be paired with an instructor where you will receive one on one attention during your private lesson. During the Group lessons and practice parties there are enough students and staff to dance with the entire time. Couples can learn together or apart. It is our recommendation that couples take lessons together but from time to time individual lessons may be recommended with individual instructors.

Wear something comfortable that will not restrict your movement. Be sure to wear or bring a pair of leather-soled shoes for maximum performance. Once at the studio you will be introduced to a wide array of dance apparel and accessories, including custom made dance shoes that have suede soles.

All of Our Instructors are well trained and qualified but as you progress at Fred Astaire we use the “Buddy System”. This means that you will have two instructors assigned to you for your lessons. This enables you to gain knowledge from more than one perspective and dance with varied partners. When you’re out in public you will be dancing with partners of different heights, weights and figures. By having two instructors you get to prepare for dancing with all types of people.

Rest assured Fred Astaire’s instructors are the best in the business. All of our instructors go through our extensive training program and are continually trained and updated weekly on the latest trends in dancing! Our instructors are knowledgeable in all dance techniques to make your learning experience the most fun-filled adventure learning today’s most popular dances!

A Private lesson consists of an individual student or couple working with an instructor. These lessons are held in the main ballroom. During your private lessons you will concentrate on specific dances, techniques and steps that have been pre-determined by your instructor.

A Group lesson consists of a group of students learning together with one or more instructors. Groups are scheduled based on the level of dance you are currently at so everyone is on par. These lessons concentrate on steps and techniques and allow students to pair up together to practice as couples. Specialty dances such as line dances are also taught in groups.

Yes! Each lesson has a satisfaction guarantee or it’s free, provided you notify the supervisor on that day. After each lesson, you are asked to fill out a Lesson Satisfaction Slip that allows you to rate your satisfaction of your instructor’s teaching abilities.

Good dancing is a lifetime investment in fun, health & exercise, confidence, and relationships. It helps to improve physical image, while warding off disease like dementia. It is a physical and mental challenge that is fun without the strenuous effort of traditional exercise.

We offer a FREE NO-OBLIGATION INTRODUCTORY session or you may take advantage of our current introductory specials which usually cost between $10 to $25 dollars. It usually depends on a number of factors; how proficient you want to be; how often you can take your instruction. We plan our courses around your dancing goals. Ballroom instruction tuition is similar to any type of private professional instruction from golf to tennis to skating instruction.

The more often you come in, the faster you learn, and the more fun you have. All  lessons are scheduled at your convenience Monday to Friday from 12:00 PM to 10:30 PM and weekends by appointment. We recommend the best learning rate is twice a week for your lessons to get maximum fun and progress!

Certainly not! However, we do have competitions throughout the year that students may choose to participate. You may compete in beginner to advance levels. Competitions advances one’s learning by setting specific short term goals. The knowledge that one acquires by performing in front of a large audience makes the student and instructor put their best foot forward on each and every lesson.

You will be dancing in your first ten minutes you walk into the door. The proficiency of the dancer you desire to become will determine the length of your training. We can usually have you out dancing just after a few lessons. In no time, you will be having the time of your life!

Practice Parties are open only to the studio’s enrolled membership and are attended by all of the studio staff. During the parties, students have the opportunity to dance in a range of dances with both instructors and fellow students simulating a real life dance environment. It’s not only a learning experience it’s also fun. Refreshments are served and many times the parties are themed to particular events and the studio is decorated to fit the occasion.

Practice Parties are held in the evening usually on Thursday nights. At each party a floorshow is presented to display the talents of willing students and at times, the studio’s professional couple(s) will put on an entertaining floorshow.

Guest Parties give existing students the chance to introduce their friends to Ballroom Dancing and the wonderful world of Fred Astaire’s. Students gain bonus lessons for each guest that enrolls after the party which begins with a reception, and includes a professional floorshow, general dancing and an abbreviated Group lesson.

Yes, you can call or stop by and we will prepare a personalized gift certificate of our current special, for your partner, family member or friend(s). Whether it is for a wedding gift, Valentines Day, birthday gift or just for the fun of it, a Fred Astaire Dance Studio Gift Certificate is a hit!

Whether you are 19 years old or 99 years young, it's never too late to start dancing.

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