400 Dundas Street

Second Floor, corner of Colborne & Dundas.

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The London Fred Astaire Dance Studio – the happiest, friendliest spot in town.

We offer private and group lessons in a wide range of American and International style dances. Through our expert instruction by certified teachers, you’ll learn the techniques and movements of each dance and before long; you’ll feel a new sense of self-confidence, achievement and relaxation.

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Whether you dream of mastering everything from the Waltz to the Samba, or would like to learn one dance at a time, we have the class for you!

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Why Our Clients Love Us

  • Obviously without the quality of instruction I get at Fred Astaire's and the positive encouragement from the instructors, I wouldn't dance or feel the way I do.

    Mr. G. MacDonald
    London Ontario
  • The newly found confidence, assertiveness and classic gentlemanly etiquette have already begun to impact my life in a random and mysterious manner, all of which has been a positive experience. The numerous opportunities to network, grow and expand upon yourself are all things that are included with the Fred Astaire experience. Each lesson offers not only a lesson of dance, but lessons of life.

    Mr. Robert F. Avison
    London Ontario
  • Fred Astaire Dance Studio has given me more than just the ability to dance. It has given me excitement and confidence, not only in dancing but in everyday life. I have been told my whole disposition has changed to being more eased and cheerful.

    Mr. Hiram O'Neil
    London Ontario
  • I was still nervous but not for long. A friendly instructor/teacher came, introduced himself, put me at ease and relieved my anxious fear of learning ballroom dancing. I must say that the staff at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio has to be the most friendly, charming, well trained and dedicated gangs of any staff I have ever met outside of my teaching career.

    Mrs. Lucille T. Blair
    London Ontario
  • I have spent a long time watching other students in awe dreaming of the day I might dance that well. Now I find others watching me and this continues to surprise me. My life is profoundly different since I started dancing. I have gained confidence, I am pushed out of my comfort zone daily and have found the courage to try... make a mistake... and try again.

    Mrs. Greta Downing
    London Ontario
  • From the very beginning I have felt at home. I have felt at home because the staff have been personable, friendly and welcoming. These are rare qualities in the modern world. I wish to commend the Studio for being so farsighted as to realize that it is precisely these qualities which make the experience of learning to dance so satisfying to the student.

    Mr. Robert B. Stewart
    London Ontario
  • I find I am continually being approached by people who comment on my great appearance and how slim and fit I'm looking.

    Ms. G. Thompson
    London Ontario
  • My deepest appreciation goes to all the staff at Fred Astaire's for helping me reach my goals. I can't thank you enough for the happiness and confidence that you have brought into my life.

    Mrs. Wendy Jennings
    London Ontario
  • It has worked wonders for me in making me reach out to other people and finding out that I am still the fun and laughing person I used to be.   I have more energy and it makes me open up more to the world that I live in. I find it has taken the anger I had carried in my life away and replaced it with laughter and joy.

    Mrs. Jane White
    London Ontario